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At Celebration Fireworks, we use a wide variety of different types of firework devices to produce especially entertaining shows.  In fact, it's quite possible that you may have never seen some of these types of fireworks effects before!  We choreograph them, in a variety of novel ways, to the great enjoyment of our audiences.  Here is a short photo gallery to help you better understand the nature and beauty of the effects we can bring to your show.


Firework fountains are simple, yet wonderfully beautiful devices.  Fountains emit a shower of sparks.  But as you see, the "shower" can be varied in color and texture, and the height can extend from a few feet high to well over 20 feet into the air - and even higher on special request!


Firework comets look just like a meteor entering the earth's atmosphere and burning up to leave a long, glowing tail behind.  They are very striking devices, especially when fired in groups, as you see above, and when combined with other fireworks effects.  As with the fountain, a comet starts burning and leaving its tail from ground level and upwards to several hundred feet, depending on the size of device used.

S P I N N E R S  &   M I N E S

The first 3 pictures are firework spinners.  These are shells that spin at high speed into beautiful whirlwind patterns as they reach their maximum height in the sky.  Pictures 4 and 5 are of "mines".  Firework mines are designed to shoot a column of colorful stars from the ground level to upwards of 100 feet into the air.  When combined with higher level aerial floral patterns - as you see in the last picture - the overall effect can be very dramatic and beautiful.

F L O R A L  S T A R  S H E L L S 

Floral shells are probably the type of firework most widely recognized by the public.  These shells burst high in the air in a pattern resembling a chrysanthemum or peony flower, or even a palm tree (2nd picture).

R O M A N  C A N D L E S  &  W H E E L S

Roman candles also begin their effect from the ground level extending up to 75 feet or so.  The effect is simply a round pellet burning with a bright color.  Individually, they are nice, but when fired in groups and angled (picture 3) the effect is elegant and dramatic.  Wheels (pinwheels) are not fired into the air, but are fastened to a framework and spin rapidly when ignited to emit a bright pattern of color.  Wheels can be combined to produce intricate and beautiful rotating geometric and other patterns.  Large wheels are spectacular! - and available.

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