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IceFountainA well-planned and executed fireworks display is one of the best ways to provide your guests with spectacular, unique entertainment.  Years later, they will still smile when they remember the excitement of your special day!  Since we design and perform many wedding displays each year, we've written the following planning guide for our wedding clients.  Please click on this link to open a copy:   "Guide to Wedding Fireworks" You will find that it answers most of your questions. 

Types of Displays

It's important to realize that wedding fireworks can be very different from what you may be thinking.  Picture a curtain of bright silver sparks behind the bride & groHeart-shaped fireworks setpiece - for the very end of the displayom when they first kiss during the ceremony in a daylight outdoor setting.  Or picture rows of beautiful silver fountains following the car as the newlyweds depart the reception at dusk (similar to the ending scene in the movie "My Best Friend's Wedding").  Another special effect we often perform is to line both sides of the receiving line with silver sparks as the couple emerge from the church doors.  And of course, there's nothing like painting the canvas of the night sky with spectacular color with a fireworks finale, if your reception extends into night time.  Any or all of this is what we do  - and we always take the time to explain the options and help you decide what's the best way to enhance your special day! 

Display Planning

Here is some information that will help you begin your planning - -

> If possible, before you sign a contract with the facility owner / manager, arrange a meeting with the facility, you, and our representative to discuss the use of fireworks effects and to request permission.

> We are happy to conduct actual demonstrations as needed.

> We always visit the display site(s), ideally with you present, so that we can tell you what type of fireworks effects we can use, what size display is possible, and to recommend the best location for guest viewing.

> The display can be located on just about any surface (grass, pavement, parking lot, etc.).

Use our quotation/information form to tell us about your ideas and learn how we can help you realize the wedding of your dreams!

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